Friday, April 29, 2011

Another favorite thing........

     Today's favorite finds me highlighing the Community Food Co-op of Utah.
     My first introduction to the Community Food Co-op of Utah was through a newspaper article.  Hmmm.... fresh quality food, local vendors, and cheaper prices, it all sounded intriging.  So I cut our the article and put it in my "things to do" pile.  

     I would re-read the article. I would ponder.  The article sat in the pile for a few months. And then I tried it out! Oh!! Why did I wait so long?? The program is perfect for our family.  Some of the other co-ops I read about seemed to only offer massive amount of food and I worried much would go to waste. I like that we can order a small amount or big on individual items.

     I love the fresh fruit and vegetables.  They are always a delight, especially in the winter.  We have also enjoyed the meat, bread, honey and last time I ordered I got natural peanut buuter that has become a new favorite of mine.  The selections are constantly inproving and expanding and I am anxious to see what this next year will bring.
     I find myself ordering half the time through the traditional way of an order form and check sent through the mail.  The other half, I  order online.  Their website has improved a lot the last few months and now it is a snap to order quickly and securely.  There are several pick up places in the bigger cities of Utah.  It is mostly available along the Wasatch Front, but it is spreading with pick up places in Heber City, Nephi, Tooele and Harrisville. And for you in Salt Lake City, they have several mobile markets during the month. 

   Their website is:   They can also be found on Facebook:!/pages/Crossroads-Community-Food-Co-op-of-Utah/196614825967?sk=info

     For my friends in Northern Utah, I hope you try them out.  The next order needs to be in Friday, May 6th with the delivery of food on May 21st.

The Community Food Co-op of Utah We are a volunteer powered, nonprofit food-purchasing cooperative bringing communities together and providing Utahns high quality, fresh food at substantial savings.


  1. We have a lot of local christian churches that have been doing this type of thing for years.

  2. Most of the drop off sites for the co-op are churches, schools and community centers. Have you ever joined one out there? I wish I would have known of our earlier.



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