Sunday, September 5, 2010


It is a quiet Sunday morning. Earlier, I was looking over our books for Galleon's Gold. We seem to be stagnant lately and wanted to see what the books showed. Then it got me to thinking----

I fantisized that when Rene and I started to sell his jewelry, that all we had to do was dabble here or there and then the people would just flock to our websites, farmers' market booths, Etsy store and to our home--- clamoring to purchase the jewelry and we would have a waiting list for people who want to take his jewelry class.

HA! HA! HA!!

Reality has way of not quite working out the same as fantasies. Isn't that how life goes???

I have found, looking over our books this morning, that overall, our sales are increasing. (Which comforts my heart...for don't we all want evidence of increase as a result of our efforts??) But the increase isn't as fast or as much as I would like. Patience, I am reminded, patience. Another friend reiterated to me the starving artist phrase. And more patience.


So with a renewal of our dreams, we press forward. September goals include:
  • We still need to figure out how to download our pictures from our new camera. I think this will help a lot with the Etsy sales.
  • We are in the process finding and signing up for fall/holiday boutique and fairs to rent booths at. We will let you know when/where they are.
  • Begin compiling a mailing list of the multitudes of business card we have collected over this past year.

Best wishes to us in our endeavor and to you with your dreams.....

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