Monday, August 30, 2010

Street Fairs

One of the many things I have enjoyed this summer as we have sold our jewelry at different events is how friendly the other vendors are!!

The first time I went to Ogden's Farmers' Market I was struggling with the set up of our canopy. As I was trying to figure out how to get it up, a lady a few booths over came to my aid and helped me. She even gave me a few tips on setting up the canopies. As we talked, I realized that she was also selling jewelry. A competitor! But it didn't matter. We were both out to have a good, fun day, and truely it was.

Just last Saturday, we met two sisters who have been selling at street markets for 30 years. Not only did they offer us much advice, they came to our rescue several times as it was a very windy day and we were not prepared for that. From their advice, tricks of the trade, various tools and supplies as well as our observations, we came home with 4 pages of notes: What to have on hand, how to secure our jewelry so it won't blow away, supplies to bring, etc.

The friendliness of others has made our experiences that much better. Thank you!!!

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