Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lake City, Colorado

Happy Trails!!
This past week, we spent our vacation in Lake City, Colorado.  It is a quaint little silver mining town -- turned touristy town.  The caravan consisted of 2 grandparents, 3 siblings, 1 spouse, 1 fiance and 3 kids all packed in 2 minivans.

The caravan begins!

One of the days we were there, we sold our jewelry at craft festival.  We had a great day meeting so many wonderful people.  It was fabulous having family around to help with Miss M, bring us lunch and chating off and on during the day.
Our view to the east

Our view, to the west,  from our canopy

Our booth, with Rene resting in the shade
And of course, we had to spend a day out on the trails exploring abandoned cabins and ghost towns!!
The fun begins!!

Colorado wild flowers

Rene and Jeep near Engineer Pass, Colorado

This is us! Animas Forks, near Silverton, Colorado

Why Lake City?  Well, let me tell you:  my great-grandfather and mother moved to Lake City when he got a job as a supervisor at one of the silver mines outside of town.  He died in 1920, leaving my great-grandmother behind with several kids.  She stayed to raise her family there.  My grandfather left Lake City to go to college and ended up moving to Utah for his job.  He always went back to his beloved Lake City.  He was also a  part time prospector with his brother-in-law, especially after retirement.  They always were trying to find that mystic mother lode. I feel bad that my silver-smithing husband never met my silver-mining grandfather.  They would have had hours and hours of discussions and fun in the workshop.

Great-grandparents home in Lake City, Colorado
photo from http://www.lakecityhistoricdistrict.com/state-historic-fund-clg.html

 I do believe we will do this again next year!!

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