Saturday, December 22, 2012

Top 5 posts of 2012

Here are our top five posts for the year.  A fun remembrance of 2012.

5. Jewelry Exhibition At the end of each Weber State jewelry making class, Rene hosts an exhibition for his students to show case their wares.  This is from last May.

4. Weekend Sale  Also in May, we had a great sale for our Etsy shop.  Always love a good sale.

3. 2012 Giveaway  We started this year with a fun giveaway that ran the whole month.  FUN!  Should we have another one?

2. Brass vs Bronze  A brief explanation of their similarities and differences. 

and out top post of the year? 


1. Top Post  Yep, it's the top post read of all time     hahaha ---- fyi: it still remains the most popular post.

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