Friday, November 11, 2011

Buying Local

During this holiday season, please think about shifting some of your money you will normally spend at chains stores to local companies. A good start would be 10%.


*local companies tend to donate more to non-profit agencies in the area.

*local businesses tend to have better customer service.

*most food in the USA is picked a week before it gets to the store and has traveled 1500 miles.

*a study in Austin, Texas found that for every $100 a customer spends, $13 will stay locally if spent at a national chain versus $45 will stay if the money is spent at a local business.

* estimates that if the average American cities were to make a 10% change in spending to a hometown store, it would bring in $235 million dollars to the community's economy.

So please look at your community. Support a holiday boutique, buy from a local farmer, eat at a mom-n-pop restraurant, check out your neighborhood grocer, have your jewelry fixed by your favorite silversmith (wink, wink) get the idea.  Good luck and have a fun journey.

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