Thursday, October 27, 2011

A to Z Pictorial

We have put together a A to Z photo collection of our jewelry. It was fun putting it together --- but you will see, some we have to get very creative to match the letter.  Hope you enjoy it!

A -- Amulet
B -- Brooch

C -- Crucifix
D -- David, Star of
E -- Eagle
F -- Filigree

G -- Galleon's Gold Banner
H -- Horse shoes, silver

I  -- I love a platinium ring with diamonds and emeralds!
J -- Jug

K -- Karet, 18k ring
L -- Lots of rings
M -- Moon brooch
N -- Necklace

O -- Oval Coconut Ring
P -- Platter
Q -- Queen Mask Pin
R -- Runes Ring

S -- Silver Snake Bracelet

T -- Turquoise and Coral

U -- Uneven in color turquoise ring
V -- Vase
W -- Workshop, Rene working in
X -- eXtra big earrings

Y -- Yellow Frog
Z -- Zenu necklace

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