Sunday, September 11, 2011

Avenue's Street Fair

Yesterday, we were vendors at Salt Lake City's Avenue's Street Fair.  For those of you who are not familiar with SLC's neighborhoods: The Avenues are located NE of downtown, but not quite to the campus of University of Utah.  When Salt Lake was first settled in the mid-1800's, this area was the first areas that was not divided in 10 acre blocks (like the rest of SLC was). The yards are smaller here because the city didn't pipe in water until the early 1900s.  The beautiful homes fell into disaray and urban decay. By the 1960's it was one of the least desirable areas of town.  Slowly, the city and neighborhood groups started to restore the old homes and converted the homes that were split up into mulit-units back to single family houses. It is now one of the trendy, expensive, and most saught out neighborhood in the city. There are beautiful tree lined streets that offer shade to the large grand homes.

We have never sold at this market and was a little nervous as we were assigned a spot along a side street, not along the main street of the fair.  But, it turned into a fabulous day!  Even before we were completely set up, we had business. 

Several customers were interested in Rene's jewelry making classes. I do hope they are able to come and join us.

Below are a  few pictures we took.

Street view of our booth--ours is the blue canopy.
The view from our booth.
Rene talking to some customers.
Part of our table display.

At about 4:30 a storm rolled in.

The view of the storm coming in outside our booth.

We were hoping the storm would roll over, as it so often does in Utah.  But instead, it poured hard, sending everyone to a nearby canopy.  The booth next took us packed up and went home.  The booth on the other side was selling custom greeting cards and did not have a canopy.   Several customers helped tuck everything under plastic and we gave them our 2-person umbrella. 

Trying to keep the goods dry--meanwhile the booth on the left packed up and went home.

Rene waiting out the rain wih all our items consolidated to the middle.

Luckely, the rain only lasted about 20-30 minutes and then the sun came out and life was good until close.  We will definately add this to our calendar for next year.

Of a fun bonus---One of our daughter's friends moved to this area a few months ago. We were not sure of the exact address until they showed up to our booth and the two girls were excited like no other. Our daughter then got to play with her friend for the rest of the afternoon.

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