Monday, August 1, 2011

Silver care

Let's face it. The fact is, silver and oxygen don't like each other. It doesn't matter if it is sterling silver or silver platted, as soon as beautiful, shinny silver is out in the open, oxygen starts its battle and before you know it, oxidation has occurred. Now your silver is brownish-black. Uggh.

These ideas are for you to help keep on top of the battle:
  • Keep your silver wrapped securely in the drawer.  Of course, one way for oxygen and silver to get along is to separate the two. Remember Grandmother wrapping her fine silver and tucking it away in the drawer?  It's because Grandma knew separation is key.  Note: When you wrap your silver, wrap it in soft material like felt or flannel to avoid scratches.
  • Don't touch. The oil from fingerprints lingers on silver and becomes the first place oxidation can occur. If you must touch it, rub off your fingerprints immediately with felt or flannel afterwards.
  • Polish often. There are many great commercial polishes available to purchase. Make sure you polish your silver with felt or flannel.  It is best to use one piece of fabric to clean and another piece to polish.   Do not use abrasive polishes or sandpaper as it can scratch your silver.
  • If you have waited a long time and your silver is pretty much black, polish twice to get the best results.
Hope these ideas help you to keep your silver looking beautiful!

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