Sunday, May 15, 2011

a favorite of my favorites...........

Cover of the first Tobasco Donkey's record
This time of year brings bitter sweet memories for me.  My mind drifts back to my college days when after my last the last final of spring semester, I packed up my bags and headed to NorthWestern New Mexico to work at the Philmont Boy Scout Ranch. It was around this time of year that the magic of those summers were start to become yet another reality.  And on top of it all, I was paid to backpack, camp and be in the outdoors of the Sandgre de Cristo Mountains (with a fabulous ratio of boys to girls)!!

I met many, many amazing people there ----- and cherish too many sweet memories to blog about.

However, some of my favorite memories are of the many campfire programs that staff put on for the scouts.  Songs, stories and poems about love, America and the great outdoors.  As with most camping activities, there is something special that happens at night around the soft glows of warm flames.

A few of my friends, over the course of several summers formed a band and even went on to record two records.  I have Philmont Phriends Music listed as a favorite, but I should list them as their band title, Tobasco Donkeys.

Their music is gentle and fun; a mix of campfire favorites and ballads; soul and folk; and always a comfort when I am longing for yet another chance to go HOmE (as we like to call Philmont).  They have a few free downloads on their website for enjoyment (and I would add them to this post, but I have no idea how to do that.)

ahhhh--the imfamous Philmont photo
Tonight, my highlight is also a public thank you to Dirty Larry, Andy Gerhart, Ron Powers, Doug Cram, Peter Bingen, Mike Griffis, Eric Voss, Bob Brown, Alex Ave, Reid Templeton and Trish Dailey for letting me keep my Philmont memories alive through music.

Other campfire music from Philmont:

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