Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A name is a name

People have often asked us about the name of our business, "Galleon's Gold."  Where did it come from?  What is it? Why is gold in your name when you do mostly silversmith work?

This post is to answer the questions.

A few years ago when we decided to do more with the jewelry than as a hobby, we played around with many names. Rene wanted 'The Galleon' in the name as he has always liked the ancient Spanish Galleon ships. We also discussed the gold treasures that many of the Galleons swallowed when they sunk.  And you know, anything with pirates is always fun to have around!

We came up with, "El Oro del Galeon," which literally translated means The Gold of the Galleon.  We really liked the Spanish name, however, too many people got hung up on the name and some didn't visit our booths -- thinking we didn't speak English.

So we changed the name to its less formal English version and customers seem to like that better. 

We like the idea of the mysterious sunken Galleon ships hiding the old Spanish Gold because we feel that way with jewelry.  There are treasures to be found. I love it when ladies bring in their broken yet beloved jewelry and after Rene fixes it, they are so happy. Many share stories of where the piece came from or who gave it to them...a treasure has been fixed!! 

Sometimes people bring in inherited pieces. They like the gold, they like the gems, but not the design or the piece itself.  They have Rene melt down the gold and create something new that they will like and will wear....another treasure for sure!


  1. loved reading about the name =]

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope you enjoy our future posts as well.



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