Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Musings and Sales

It's the holiday season! Thanksgiving will here is a few days, Hanukkah in about a week, the Posada will welcome Christmas in a few weeks, and the New Year will be celebrated in just six weeks. It is hard to believe, yet very exciting, that the festivities are about to begin. I love this time of year. I love the traditions, movies, the music---even the weather!

We have a fireplace in the kitchen and though I am not a morning person, I do love to get up a little early (once in a while) during the winter to start a fire and sip something hot. I love to look over our yard covered in a white blanket and sit in the silence of the early morning to contemplate life and its magnificent mysteries.

We do hope you will think of us for your holiday gifts.  Rene's work is top quality with most pieces being one of a kind.  Stay tuned for Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts, coupon codes, discounts and more!!

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